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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything

This scene looks just as beautiful, whether you are wearing a suit or wearing torn jeans.

This scene looks beautiful no matter what you are wearing. Whether you wear torn jeans or a suit, you can appreciate the springtime scenery just the same.

“It is not the person who has, but the person who wants more, that is poor.” – Seneca the Younger

I recently had an experience inside a super-hip clothing store. You know the kind. The ones you can only find in a mall.  I found myself in line about to buy a shirt that was 75% off after biking 10 miles to the local Apple store.

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Invest with Only $1,000!

So it begins. Starting our investment for retirement!

So it begins. Starting our investment for retirement!

One year ago I was sitting in college inside a Student-Managed Investment class, single picking stocks with students who knew a heck of a lot more about business and the general stock market than I do.

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