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The Power of Politeness

Last night I got a letter in the mail from Comcast saying that our bill was overdue from December. I knew we had opted out of mail using e-notifications instead, so I was a bit surprised. Missing a payment of any kind isn’t something that typically happens in the BWB household thanks to the superpowers of autopayment. So this is what to do when you have to call customer service.

The thing is, I never got an e-mail saying I had a bill to pay, which I expected since it is explicitly noted on the Comcast page (here.)xfinity

I called Comcast and asked them why I got fined when I never got an e-mail. Apparently they sent it to my Comcast e-mail, which I was never told existed. Ever. So, I politely told the rep the predicament, how I was never notified, and asked for the $9.50 to be refunded.

He told me again that the e-mail was sent, and I told him that I never received it. I was firm, but polite, in requesting that the $9.50 was returned. After a few minutes of awkward waiting, he complied. It was altogether a positive experience.

I think it’s worth noting the emphasis on smiling and being polite when it comes to customer service. Ask anyone who’s ever answered a phone at work before. They will always help you out and give you a better deal if you treat them like a human being. Abuse them and they will abuse you. Customer service people deal with annoyed and pissed off people each day — you can still be pissed off, just don’t communicate that way to the representative. It will just result in you both being unhappy.

This, combined with the simple and concise practice of non-violent communication, is the power of politeness.

Try it next time you have to call customer service, I think you’ll be surprised. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading. Keep on learning! 


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