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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything

This scene looks just as beautiful, whether you are wearing a suit or wearing torn jeans.

This scene looks beautiful no matter what you are wearing. Whether you wear torn jeans or a suit, you can appreciate the springtime scenery just the same.

“It is not the person who has, but the person who wants more, that is poor.” – Seneca the Younger

I recently had an experience inside a super-hip clothing store. You know the kind. The ones you can only find in a mall.  I found myself in line about to buy a shirt that was 75% off after biking 10 miles to the local Apple store.

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Treat Your Bike Like Other People Treat Their Car

Mother's day gift: the renovation of this awesome Raleigh.

Mother’s day gift: the renovation of this awesome Raleigh.

There is often a level of snobbery when it comes to identifying with your bike, and what kind of accessories you don’t need. Kickstands, lights, bells, whistles, mirrors, helmets, and multiple gears often get kicked to the curb. Continue reading