Welcome New Readers!

Looking to new horizens!

Looking to new horizons!

Welcome new readers!

This blog is a blog for learning, discovering, trying new things, and becoming a better person in the hopes of making a better world. You can read more about Better World Biker on the WHO tab at the top.

I hope you will join me in becoming a Better World Biker.

I recently got a surge of readers, primarily from Reddit, who have viewed the post of how to dehydrate your own food with nothing more than a standard toaster oven.

Check out the archives to read every post ever written. I am working on getting a tab at the top which will have all the tags/topics from the blog as well. I’m thinking I will have to actually purchase the domain name to do so.

Every blogger loves feedback, so please leave a comment or e-mail me personally at betterworldbiker@gmail.com

I am still figuring out some of the advanced capabilities of wordpress, like adding a box at the bottom of every post. Once I figure that out, I will be putting a small box with a mini-version of this post! This blogĀ is about learning new things, so perhaps I’ll have to put up a new blog post whenever I figure it out.

Thanks for reading.

Keep on readin’ on.




4 thoughts on “Welcome New Readers!

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